The Perfect One Day in Okutama -Plan / Shiromaru Dam, Hatomi(Soba), Promenade, Hotspring




Hello my name is Ageo.


You will know how to plan
a perfect day in Okutama




Dam, Soba, Promenade, Hot spring

Shiromaru Dam
→You can see a path just for fish.

Soba Restaurant “Hatomi”
→I recommend the Tororo soba.

→Gorge, Suspension bridge, River

→Beer, wasabi ice cream

Hot springs
→”Moegi no Yu” or “Ume no Yu”


Itineraries(10:00am – 4:00pm)
10:16am Hatonosu Sta.
↓Walking 10 min.
Shiromaru Dam

↓Walking 10 min.
Lunch (Hatomi)

↓Walking 5 min.
12:23pm Hatonosu Sta.
↓Train 6 min.
12:29pm Okutama Sta.

Strolling on the promenade

1:44pm Okutama Sta.
↓Train 43 min.
2:27pm Kabe Sta.
↓Walking 3 min.
Ume no Yu (Hot spring)

↓Walking 3 min.
4:10pm Kabe Sta.


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This post
introduces a recommended plan
for a one-day train trip to Okutama.



Shiromaru Dam

You can see a path just for fish.


Open Days :Sat., Sun., holidays
Hours of operation : 10:00am – 4:00pm
     (Last admission at 3:30pm)
Fee : FREE

Shiromaru Dam is located
a 10-minute walk
from Hatonosu Station.
Shiromaru Dam has
a fish passage to allow fish
to pass freely through the dam.


The fishway is open
to everyone free of charge.


Entrance to the fishway↓ (click to enlarge)



Enter the building and
you will see a huge spiral stairs!



↓ spiral stairs (click to enlarge)



The fishway has the concrete walls
which the fish can rest.


↓ Fishway (1) (click to enlarge)


↓ Fishway (2) (click to enlarge)



Fish in the fishway↓ (click to enlarge)


There is also
a renewable energy PR pavilion.


Admission is free.

↓Energy Pavilion (1) (click to enlarge)

↓Energy Pavilion (2) (click to enlarge)




Soba or Curry


Gourmet foods in Okutama are
gibier, kamameshi (rice cooked in a pot),
soba (buckwheat noodles),
curry, and white omelet.



In this post.

I will introduce recommended
soba and curry restaurants
close to the station.

Soba Restaurant “Hatomi”

Tororo soba is delicious.


Closed :Wednesday
Hours of operation : 11:00-17:00
Price : ~1,000 yen
(Credit cards not available)

It takes about 3 minutes
to walk from Hatonosu station.


You should go there
on the way back
from Shiromaru Dam.


My recommendation is either
katsudon (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice)
tororo soba (grated yam).


I ate Tororo-soba (950 yen).


↓Menu (click to enlarge)


Part of the menu (in English)

Soba (そば)
Mori Soba (もりそば) 770yen / Cold
Tororo Soba (とろろそば) 950yen / Cold
Kake Soba(かけそば) 770yen / warm
Niku(meat) soba(肉そば) 830yen / warm

Bowl of rice with food on top (ごはん類)
Boiled eggs on rice (玉子丼) 790yen
Chicken and egg on rice (親子丼) 890yen
Pork cutlet on rice (カツ丼) 990yen




↓Tororo soba (click to enlarge)


Okutama Sta., 2nd floor




Hours of operation : 11:00-17:00
Price : ~1,000 yen
(Credit cards not available)


Menu is written in English


It is a curry shop in the station
(on the 2nd floor).


↓Inside the store (click to enlarge)



The most popular dish is
the Grilled Vegetable Curry,


It is often sold out.



↓Menu(click to enlarge)


So I often eat
a cutlet curry (1,000 yen).
↓cutlet curry (click to enlarge)


Enjoy nature
You can enjoy just walking
around Okutama Station.


The promenade has
a suspension bridge
as shown in the photo above
I recommend the route described
in the photo below.


If you walk slowly,
you can get around
in about 30 minutes.


↓Recommended route (click to enlarge)


There are people
barbecuing and camping
on the riverbank


It looks like a lot of fun!


Of course.
I’ve camped there
↓My camp record (Japanese)


Beer, wasabi ice cream

Gourmet in front of Okutama Station

Local beer (Vertere)
Wasabi ice cream (Tourist Information Center)

After a stroll along the promenade.
I think you will be hungry.


Let’s go back to the station
and have some ice cream!

Local beer Vertere

It’s bitter and delicious.


Open: Saturday and Sunday
   (Closed on weekdays)
Business hours: 10:00-18:00

It’s made in Okutama


You can drink it
at the store or buy it in cans!


↓VERTERE バテレ (Click to enlarge)

Wasabi ice cream

Strange taste / Not spicy
It’s Ice cream with wasabi
from Okutama!


This has a unique and
strange taste of wasabi.


It is not spicy,
so please don’t worry.


It seems you can buy them
at any store in Okutama,
but you can buy them
at the tourist information center
in front of Okutama station!


↓Tourist Information Center (click to enlarge)

Hot springs and saunas

“Moegi no Yu”
“Ume no Yu”



Let’s end our trip with a hot spring!

There is a hot spring
called “Moegi no Yu” in Okutama. 


It is about
a 10-minute walk from the station.


If you do not want to walk,
there is a hot spring called
Ume no Yu” in front of
Kabe Station on the way back.



I also recommend its hot springs.

Moegi no Yu

Great view from the open-air bath


Hours of operation:
April-November 10:00-20:00

 December – March: 10:00-19:00
Fee: 950 yen
(Credit cards not available)

Moegi no Yu is located
about a 10-minute walk
from Okutama Station.


Be careful!

The closing time varies depending
on the season.




There’s also a footbath!


↓Footbath (click to enlarge)

Ume no Yu

3 min walk from Kabe Sta.
40 min by train from Okutama
Open until 23:30


Closed on the 3rd Wednesday of the month
Business hours : 10:00 – 23:30
       (Last admission at 23:00)
Parking :Free for 4 hours
Fee :880 yen
(Credit cards not available)

Dry sauna: 90°C (up to 9 people)
Steam sauna: 40°C (up to 7 persons)
Water bath :18℃ (about 4 people)
Crowded time zone : Sat. and Sun. 15:00-19:00

Ume-no-yu is located in Ome City,
which is the next town to Okutama.

It is located in front of Kabe Station.


It is located on the 5th floor
of the Kabe Town Building B!


↓ Kabe Town Building B (click to enlarge)







Dam, Soba, Promenade, Hot spring

Shiromaru Dam
→You can see a path just for fish.

Soba Restaurant “Hatomi”
→I recommend the Tororo soba.

→Gorge, Suspension bridge, River

→Beer, wasabi ice cream

Hot springs
→”Moegi no Yu” or “Ume no Yu”



Thanks for taking
a look at this post.





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My name is Ageo.

I was born in Saitama and live in the western part of Tokyo.

I enjoy playing the trumpet, bathing/sauna, camping, and muscle training.

I write about my life on this blog.

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