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  • 2022年10月18日
  • 2023年4月4日

The Perfect One Day in Okutama -Plan / Shiromaru Dam, Hatomi(Soba), Promenade, Hotspring

      Hello my name is Ageo.   You will know how to plan a perfect day in Okutama       Dam, Soba, Promenade, Hot spring ●Shiromaru Dam →You can see a path just for fish. ●Soba Restaurant “Hatomi” →I recommend the Tororo soba. ●Promedade →Gorge, Suspension bridge, River ●Snacks →Beer, wasabi ice cream ●Hot springs →”Moegi no Yu” or “Ume no Yu”   Itineraries(10:00am – 4:00pm) 10:16am Hatonosu Sta. ↓Walking 10 min. 10:30am Shiromaru Dam 11:30am ↓Walking 10 min. 11:40am Lunch (Hatomi) 12:15pm ↓Walking 5 min. 12:23pm Hatonosu Sta. ↓Train 6 min. 12:29pm Okutama Sta. ↓ 12:30pm Strolling on the promenade 1:44pm Okutama Sta. ↓Train 43 min. 2:27pm Kabe Sta. ↓Walking 3 min. 2:30pm Ume no Yu (Hot spring) 4:00pm ↓Walking 3 min. 4:10pm Kabe Sta.   […]

  • 2022年4月25日

【Tokyo Ome】Free camping and barbecue in Tokyo|Kamanofuchi Park Along the Tama River

Hello. My name is Ageo.   This post is for those who want to camp and barbecue for free in Tokyo!       ☺️↓My profile↓☺️ 〜My profile〜 30 years old, office workerI live in an apartment in the Nishitama area of TokyoMy hobbies Sauna, camping, trumpet     This post will show you where you can camp and barbecue for free with easy access and restrooms!   Free camping and BBQ place Along the Tama River Opposite bank of Kamanofuchi Park ・Search for “Kamanofuchi koen Oyanagi Parking Lot” →15min. walk from JR Ome sta. ・There are many fish in the river →Need a ticket to fish ・Buy souvenirs and go to the hot spring! →Sawanoi, Ume no Yu (bath and sauna) ↓Travel Schedule Model […]

  • 2022年4月5日
  • 2023年4月4日

【Sightseeing・Dating】Let’s go see fireflies in Fussa, Tokyo / 1h from Shinjuku! Tokyo | Hotaru Park, Fussa Base Side Street, Yokota Air Base, Demode Diner

  Hello. My name is Ageo and I live in Tokyo.   This post introduces you to places where you can see fireflies in Tokyo!   It’s an hour from Shinjuku by train.   ☺️↓My profile↓☺️ 〜My profile〜 30 years old, office worker I live in an apartment in the Nishitama area of Tokyo My hobbies Sauna, camping, trumpet   I recommend it for sightseeing/dating in the Nishi Tama area of Tokyo! ✨✨   Places where you can see fireflies Hotaru Park ・Mid-June, Saturday, 7:00 p.m.- →They will be released at the Festival ・10 min walk from Ushihama Sta. →50 min. from Shinjuku by train ・500 fireflies will be released. →It’s fantastic and romantic! Other Sightseeing Places ・Around Yokota Air Base →There is American Street […]

  • 2022年2月22日

【Travel budget 10,000 yen】Record of solo camping in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture|Niko Niko Campsite / Hot springs and Saunas

  Hello. I’m Ageo and I live in Tokyo! Here’s my solo camping record!   💰Budget 10,000 yen! (transportation not included)    90 minutes from Tokyo by car🚗!     I went to Niko Niko Campsite in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture!     You can see the whole city from the mountain. It’s the campsite with a great view!     The entrance is too narrow so you can’ t get a big car in there!   The nearest IC is Iwama IC on Joban Expressway!   But I got off at Iwaoka-Omitama IC on Joban Expressway!     I recommend traveling fromTokyo to Ibaraki because there’s less traffic!   I went to a public bath on the way to and from the campsite.   […]

  • 2022年2月7日
  • 2022年2月22日

【Travel budget 10,000 yen】Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Campsite with a brewery / CAMP BAIRD / Yunokuni Kaikan/ Mentai Park

  Hello. I’m Ageo and I live in Tokyo! This article is a camping record!   I went camping with my friends! 😉 .   💰Budget under 10,000 yen💰 (transportation not included)!    The campsite is roughly 2.5 hours from Tokyo by car!🚗   We went to CAMP BAIRD⛺ in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture!   There’s a brewery🍺there. I recommend it for campers who love beer.   The nearest Interchange is Ohira Interchange on Izu Jukan Expressway. We took Izu Jukan Expressway after getting off at Numazu IC on Tomei Expressway.   You can’t use ETC on Izu Junkan Expressway. So prepare your cash 💰! It’s 400 yen one way!   On the way back, we took a sauna🔥 at Yunokokukan.🤤   Also We also […]

  • 2022年1月25日
  • 2022年2月22日

【Travel Record】A record of my solo camping trip in Gunma Prefecture – Japan / Kakure no sato in Gunma/ Tombo no Yu in Nagano

  Hello. I’m Ageo, and I love camping. This post is a record of my solo camping trip!   There’s a travel schedule at the end!     I went to a camp site called Kakurenosato in Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture, just a three-hour drive🚗 from Tokyo!   There’s also a hot spring called Kakure no Yu at the campsite!     The nearest interchange is the Usui-Karuizawa Interchange, so you can enjoy a side trip to Karuizawa!   I wanted to take a sauna, so I went to the Tombo-no-yu in Karuizawa on the way back. And I had lunch at the Karuizawa outlet!       Reference Links:Kakure-no-sato HP(JP),  Kakure-no-yu HP(JP), Tombo-no-yu HP(EN), Karuizawa Shopping Plaza HP(EN)     ●Be careful not to get lost. […]