【Travel budget 10,000 yen】Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Campsite with a brewery / CAMP BAIRD / Yunokuni Kaikan/ Mentai Park


I’m Ageo and I live in Tokyo!
This article is a camping record!


I went camping with my friends! 😉 .


💰Budget under 10,000 yen💰
(transportation not included)! 


The campsite is roughly 2.5 hours
from Tokyo by car!🚗


We went to CAMP BAIRD⛺
in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture!


There’s a brewery🍺there.

I recommend it
for campers who love beer.


The nearest Interchange is
Ohira Interchange
on Izu Jukan Expressway.

We took Izu Jukan Expressway
after getting off at Numazu IC
on Tomei Expressway.


You can’t use ETC
on Izu Junkan Expressway

So prepare your cash 💰!

It’s 400 yen one way!


On the way back,
we took a sauna🔥
at Yunokokukan.🤤


We also dropped by
Mentai Park, Izu Wasabi Museum, and
Road Station Izu Gateway Kannami!


There’s also
a detailed timetable for the trip
at the end!


● the campsite with a brewery🍺👍
Beer bar, some bottled beer!
●We took a stone sauna (96℃)!🙆
There are discount coupons
at the campsite.

●There are many places to stop by.👍
Mentai Park, Wasabi Museum

Atsugi IC → Ohira IC (90 min)

ETC isn’t available from Numazu,
so be prepared
to pay cash (800 yen round trip).
Izu Jukan Expressway
does not support

for Numazu IC – Ohira IC section,
400 yen (one-way) in cash is


From Atsugi IC (Kanagawa prefecture)
on Tomei Expressway,

it takes about 90 minutes
to arrive at the campsite!


ETC is a system that pays tolls wirelessly
when using the expressway.
In Japan, you have to pay for all highways.For foreigners,
there is a plan for unlimited use of ETC.↓Click on the link below to learn how to use it.



Maxvalu Express

Open 6:00am – 11:30pm,





There’s the supermarket between
Ohira Interchange and the campsite.


Of course,
credit cards are
available at this store.😉



↓There are some specialty products! 



There’s a brewery🍺
✨Web site is in English✨
The above picture shows
the building with
the reception desk (3rd floor)!


This building is also a brewery!
↓in English and Japanese
Camp Baird

Camp Baird is a campsite operated by Baird Brewing Company. …


10 minutes by car from the Ohira IC


There are signs,
so I don’t think you will get lost. 💪


↓the sign (Click to enlarge)


Follow the directions
and you will see a large building.


The parking lot is
in front of this building,

so park your car there
and go to the reception desk (3F).


↓the parking in front of building



Beer bar

🍺About 20 craft beers🍺

There is a beer bar on the third floor.


By the way,
beer is sold only to those
who are staying at the camp.


1000 yen (cash) is required for admission.
This includes the cost of a one-drink ticket! 🙆


let’s order the first beer on the ticket!




↓Beer bar (Click to enlarge)



↓Menu 1 (Click to enlarge)


↓Menu 2 (Click to enlarge)


Beer prices
Regular menu
500ml : 900 Yen

250ml : 500 Yen

Seasonal Menu
400ml : 900 Yen
200ml : 500 Yen
Drink Comparison Set
140ml×3 of your favorites. : 900 Yen



You can have a glass of beer
on the terrace! ☺️


↓The terrace (Click to enlarge)



I had a glass of Rising Sun Pale Ale!


It’ s rich and bitter.


↓Rising Sun Pale Ale



↓Deer and boar jerky and beans



It is also available in bottles,
so you can buy it and drink it
at your camp site.


↓bottled beer 1 (Click to eblarge)


↓bottled beer 2 (Click to eblarge)


You need to bring
a bottle opener to drink it.



there’s a discount coupon
or Yunokokukan (public bath)
on this floor,

so don’t forget to grab it! 😏😏


↓Discount coupon for public bath



Camp sites

Unsectioned sites,
Sectionted sites,
There is no AC power
↓Map of the camp site (Click to enlarge)
Sectionted sites
are available in sizes
S(3,500 yen〜),
M(4,500 yen〜),
L(5,500 yen〜),
LL(8,500 yen〜).


We chose LL(8,500円),
the largest camp site.


In addition,
an entrance fee of
1,000 yen is required.
(Drink ticket included)


Bags for burnable garbage
can be purchased
at the reception for 200 yen.
Please wash bottles and cans
and throw them away.
All garbage must be thrown away
by 10:00 a.m.



By the way.
The toilet is very clean✨!



↓Toilet building (click to enlarge)





It was very windy (January)
I love beer under the stars!


↓Camp⛺ scene 1 (click to enlarge)



↓Camp⛺ scene 2 (click to enlarge)




↓Camp⛺ scene 3 (click to enlarge)



↓Camp⛺ scene 4 (click to enlarge)



↓😭😭😩😩😫😫😔 (click to enlarge)



Price of firewood
A bunch of firewood : 500 Yen
A basketof firewood : 1,500 Yen




↓Breakfast (click to enlarge)


We cooked with an alcohol stove.


Stable fire🔥 even in cold weather.


You can buy it at Daiso(Japanese store)
for 200 yen.


You can’t buy
fuel alcohol at Daiso.


My New Gear “Swedish torch”

That’s cool!



I brought a Swedish torch with this camp.👍



It’s romantic!

I used it for the first time.


It’s very cool.


↓Swedish torch 1 (click to enlarge)



↓Swedish torch 2 (click to enlarge)


This thing is heavy,
so if you’re going to use it,
I suggest you use a sturdy fire pit.


Yunokuni kaikan

Open-air bath and 2 saunas





Opening hours:10:00am〜9:00pm
Fee:880 Yen
Indoor bath:1
Open air:2
Sauna1: 96℃(Maximum of 2 people)
Sauna2: 90℃(Maximum of 12 people)
Cold bath:25℃


The sauna room 1 was
too small.



At the end of the trip
we had lunch! 😋


↓Menu 1 in Japanese (click to enlarge)


↓Menu 2 in Japanese (click to enlarge)


↓Menu 3 in Japanese (click to enlarge)


↓Menu 4 in Japanese (click to enlarge)



I had Spicy Tomato Katsu Curry!



Spicy Tomato Katsu Curry



This one includes salad and soup!


It’s a little spicy.

If you don’t like spicy food,
be careful! 🥲


Mentai Park Izu

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) is
sold here.



It’s next to
Roadside Station Izu Gateway Kannami
and Izu Wasabi Museum!



You can buy cod roe at this store.


We didn’t buy it because
it was a bit expensive for us,
but the cod roe is very tasty!


Taramayo (mayonnaise mixed with cod roe)
sounds good too! 🤤


↓Cod roe (click to enlarge)


↓Taramayo (click to enlarge)



Izu Wasabi Museum

Wasabi ice cream 🍦




It’s next to
Roadside Station Izu Gateway Kannami
and Mentai park!


Fresh wasabi (around 1,000 yen)
is sold here.


wasabi is Japanese horseradish


↓Fresh wasabi (click to enlarge)



The restaurant is filled with
the unique aroma of wasabi,

so be careful if you don’t like wasabi!



Here you can buy
wasabi-flavored ice cream 🍦!


Of course,
you can also buy
the regular vanilla flavored one
without wasabi!


↓Ice cream menu (click to enlarge)



I had
Wasabi flavored ice cream (330 yen)!


It was a strange tasting ice cream!
It’s not spicy! 🙆


↓Wasabi flavored ice cream (click to enlarge)



Road Station Izu Gateway Kannami

There is a Seven-Eleven.


It’s next to
Wasabi museum
and Mentai park!

There are
a toilet and a 7-Eleven.


It’s a beautiful rest area.


↓Map (click to enlarge)


Travel Schedule

Here’s a record of my trip! 😊

The time is approximate!


This time, we are a group camping.
Camping fee is per person.


Cost 💴(Transportation not included)

Campsite:3,000 Yen

Bottled beer:1,550 Yen3 bottles

Food:5,380 Yen(Dinner, lunch, ice cream)

Bathing:780 Yen

Total:10,710 Yen


710 yen over budget!


It’s because I drank three beers… 🐥🐥



Day 1

9:30am:Tachikawa station (Tokyo)

↓Move 60min (by car)

10:00am:AtsugiIC (Kanagawa)

↓Move 90min (by car)

11:30am:OhiraIC (Shizuoka Izu)

↓Move 15min (by car)

11:45am:Maxvalu (super market)

↓Move 5min (by car)

1:00pm:Camp site

11:00pm:go to bed

Day 2
7:30am:Wake up

11:00am : Leave camp site

↓ Move 10min (by car)

11:30am:take a bath, sauna and lunch

1:30pm:OhiraIC (Shizuoka Izu)

↓ Move 30min (by car)

2:00pm:Mentai Park, etc. (side trip)

↓ Move 120min (by car)

5:00pm:Tachikawa station (Tokyo)


😖Don’t forget the bottle opener!😖


🤧Feather sticks that I made🤧


Thanks for watching!
↓If you want, you can look at the other articles.↓

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