【Travel Record】A record of my solo camping trip in Gunma Prefecture – Japan / Kakure no sato in Gunma/ Tombo no Yu in Nagano



I’m Ageo, and I love camping.

This post is a record of my solo camping trip!


There’s a travel schedule at the end!



I went to a camp site called Kakurenosato in Agatsuma County, Gunma Prefecture,
just a three-hour drive🚗 from Tokyo!


There’s also a hot spring called Kakure no Yu at the campsite!



The nearest interchange is the Usui-Karuizawa Interchange,
so you can enjoy a side trip to Karuizawa!


I wanted to take a sauna,
so I went to the Tombo-no-yu in Karuizawa on the way back.

And I had lunch at the Karuizawa outlet!




Reference Links:Kakure-no-sato HP(JP),  Kakure-no-yu HP(JP), Tombo-no-yu HP(EN), Karuizawa Shopping Plaza HP(EN)



●Be careful not to get lost.
→The road to the campsite is narrow and the sign is small.
●You can take a hot spring bath at the campground as often as you like.
→Bathing hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm
●Let’s make a stop in Karuizawa on the way back!
→You can go to the sauna and have lunch.

Location of the camp site

If you set up your navigation system such as Google maps, you’d better look it up at kakure Hot Spring! 🙆




by car

35km (50min) from the Usui Karuizawa IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway


by train

Karuizawa Station, JR Hokuriku Shinkansen
Bus…Kusakaru Kotsu,  Kusakaru Hospital Line, bound for Kusatsu Onsen
10 minute walk from Goshodaira Station.

Naganohara-Kusatsukuchi Station, JR Azuma Line
Bus…Kusakaru Kotsu, Naganohara Line, bound for Kitakaruizawa

10 minute walk from Goshodaira Station.



【Be careful not to get lost

The road to this campsite is narrow and the signs are small, so it’s not easy to find!


The meaning of Kakurenosato is hidden villege.

So it’s in an obscure place!😏😏😏


On your way to the campsite, you’ll see a small signboard like the one in the picture just before the bridge!


Turn right here and keep going, you will reach the campsite!


↓ Photo of the signboard (click to enlarge)Japanese



If you see a farm or cornfield, you’re going the wrong way! 🙅


Turn back, please!


I got lost and had a hard time getting there… 🥺🥺



Reference Link:Kakure no satoHP(JP)


Map of the camp site

There are four types of sites: sectioned sites, sectioned forest sites, sectioned river sites, and unsectioned sites!


If you choose a sectioned site,
You can park your car at those sites.


In Japan, unsectioned sites are called “free sites
However, this is not free. You have to pay a fee.



I wanted to drive my car into the camp site, so I chose a sectioned site this time!


All sectioned sites allow up to one car to drive into them.



↓Map of the site (click to enlarge) Japanese


↓User guide (click to enlarge) Japanese


Also, there’s a hot spring here.

This hot spring water flows directly from the source.


Details are written below!



Please put your garbage in the bags for burnable and non-burnable garbage given at the reception.

There’s a container near our office that collects garbage bags!


↓garbage bags (yellow: burnable, transparent: non-burnable)



Sectioned site


I stayed in a sectioned site (ground: grass)!


↓ The setup looks like this👍



I cooked Chinese stir-fry.

↓Chinese stir-fry.(click to enlarge)


I went there in September.

But, it was raining.

The night was colder than I expected… 🥶


I forgot my sleeping bag,
so I woke up in the night with the cold.


Let’s bring a sleeping bag.


It is a cool area, so be prepared for the cold!



For breakfast,
I baked curry bread in the hot sandwich maker.


Kakure Hot Spring


This is a hot spring located in the campsite.

This hot spring water flows directly from the source.


Campers can take a bath as many times as they want!
(8:00am – 9:00pm)


I think this hot spring is the most attractive feature of this campsite.👍



content (of a mineral, etc.)Sodium bicarbonate and chloride

 →It’s a natural hot spring, so the water is a little muddy.

Number of baths:Indoor: 1, Open air: 1

Temperature:About 42 ℃ (Spring temperature: 48.6 ℃)

  →The open air one is hotter than the indoor one.

Fee: 900 yen (day trip, adults)
→ For people who don’t camp and just take a bath.


↓Vending machine for day trip bathing (click to enlarge)
Campers don’t have to pay.



I went in twice, once at night and once the next morning.




Reference Link:Kakure Hot Spring HP(JP)


Tombo-no-Yu (Hot Spring)

On the way back,
I stopped at the Tombo – no – Yu  (Hot Springs) in Karuizawa!

It seemed to be a popular hot spring and it was so crowded that there was a line to get in! 😔😔😔


↓Line in front of the reception desk



Unlike Kakure hot spring, this hot spring was clear.


This one has a large bath, and there were lots of people.


If you take a sauna, put the towel given to you at the reception desk under your hip.


And when you take a bath after the sauna, take a shower to rinse off the sweat before you go into the bath.



content (of a mineral, etc.)Sodium bicarbonate and chloride

 →It has the same ingredients as the “Kakure Hot Spring”.

Number of baths:Indoor: 1, Open air: 2

Temperature:About 38 ℃

Sauna temperature :About 85 ℃

Fee: 1350 yen (adults)



Reference Link:Tombo-no-Yu HP(EN)


Lunch (2nd day)

I had lunch at the Karuizawa Outlet Mall food court! 😁

It gets so crowded there, so I wouldn’t recommend it. 😔😔😔


I ate Nagano’s specialty, Sanzoku-yaki Curry🍛 (1200yen)!


↓Sanzoku-yaki Curry (1200yen)


Reference Link:Karuizawa Shopping Plaza HP(EN)


My travel schedule

I’ve written up a time schedule for this trip! 😊

The time is approximate!


amount of money spent 💴 (Transportation fee not included)

Campsite: 3000 yen

Food: 4200 yen (dinner, lunch on the second day)

Bathing fee: 1,350 yen (Tombo no Yu Hot Spring)

Total: 8550 yen


Day 1Cloudy ☁️18℃

1:00pm:Usui-Karuizawa Interchange

↓ 60 minutes (by car)

2:00pm:Check in at campsite and set up tent

↓ 20 minutes (by car)

3:00pm:Shopping at the supermarket (sanei)

Map of The supermarket (Sanei)


↓ 20 minutes (by car)

4:00pm:Arrive at the campsite

Hot spring bathing


Lowest temperature: 11°C
Day 2 Rainy 🌧️12℃
7:30am : Wake up
8:00am : Bathing hot spring (2nd time)

10:30am : Check-out

11:30am:Hot spring and sauna (Tombo no Yu)

12:30pm:Lunch (Karuizawa Outlet Mall)

1:30pm:Usui-Karuizawa Interchange


🥳The best campsite with hot springs!🥳

🤧Feather sticks that I made🤧
Thanks for watching!
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