【Travel budget 10,000 yen】Record of solo camping in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture|Niko Niko Campsite / Hot springs and Saunas


I’m Ageo and I live in Tokyo!
Here’s my solo camping record!


💰Budget 10,000 yen!
(transportation not included)


 90 minutes from Tokyo by car🚗!



I went to Niko Niko Campsite
in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture!



You can see the whole city
from the mountain.

It’s the campsite with a great view!



The entrance is too narrow
so you can’ t get a big car in there!


The nearest IC is
Iwama IC on Joban Expressway!


But I got off at Iwaoka-Omitama IC
on Joban Expressway!



I recommend traveling
fromTokyo to Ibaraki

because there’s less traffic!


I went to a public bath
on the way to and from the campsite.


There’s a timeline for the trip
at the end of this post!


Comfortable to drive😉
Less traffic between Tokyo and Ibaraki.
The campsite has a great view! 🙆
You can see the whole city!
●Baths weren’t crowded😏
I took baths both ways!

Tokyo – Iwaoka Komitama IC

No traffic jams both ways


The closest IC to the campground is Iwama IC,
but I got off at Iwaoka Komitama IC.



Iwaoka-Komitama IC is
a Smart IC
So, you have to use ETC!



ETC is a system that pays tolls wirelessly
when using the expressway.
In Japan, you have to pay for all highways.For foreigners,
there is a plan for unlimited use of ETC.↓Click on the link below to learn how to use it.


It takes about 90 minutes
from Tokyo to the campground by car.

↑This route is when you use Iwama IC.
The highway(Joban Expressway) is
easy to drive on
because of the low traffic volume.


York Benimal

Supermarkets where
credit cards are available



I forgot to take a picture!


There are some supermarkets
on the way to the campsite.


This time,
I went to York-Benimaru !


Firewood can be bought
at the campsite for 600 yen (Cash),
so you don’t need to bring that !


Himawari no Yakata

Bath and sauna 90℃
I took a bath
before going to the campsite.
The fee is 520 yen!



Opening hours:10:00am〜8:00pm
(Credit cards are not available)

Indoor baths:3 baths
0pen air bath:1 bath
Sauna:Stone (90°C)



It is a public facility,
so you can take a bath at a low price.😉



Niko Niko Campsite

You’ll have a great view
The campsite staff is friendly!
I recommend bringing a saw
The view is really amazing!

I want to go back there!



The campsite staff is
friendly and kind.


↓ Scenery from the campsite, Daytime


↓ Scenery from the campsite, Nighttime


There’s a Anywhere Door




The entrance is too narrow.
Large vehicles can’ t enter!

About 20 minutes
from Iwaoka-Komitama IC.


【Be careful not to get lost!】

The entrance is narrow,
so it’s not easy to find.

Follow the directions on Google Maps.
You will pass in front of the golf course.


Then you will see a sign on your right.


The entrance is across from this sign.


The entrance is
on the left in the photo below.


↓Signboard and entrance (click to enlarge)


If you do not notice the entrance and
keep going, you will arrive at a dead end.

Let’s turn back!🙅


↓ Dead end (click to enlarge)




The entrance is a really narrow road,
so large vehicles such as RVs
cannot enter.


↓The road to Niko Niko Campsite



Camp sites

The camp sites are
all compartmentalized.
There are 3 types!
・RV sites

・Pets sites
・Regular sites
4,400 Yen each!


Credit cards are not available.


In Japan,
RV sites are called “auto sites” and
uncompartmentalized camp sites
are called “free sites“.

It is called Free sites,
but you need to pay.



At this campsite,
All camp sites allow you
to park your vehicle nearby.
You can’ t throw out
the garbage there!



When you get to the campsite
through this narrow road.

You’ll find an Information! (Japanese)


Park where you want to stay,
then head to the registration desk!


↓Information at the entrance (click to enlarge)



Setting up and camping



↓Setting up ⛺



↓ Bonfires🔥



You can buy firewood for 600 yen!
I didn’t take a picture, but
There’s a lot of hardwood in there!


You can use fallen trees as firewood.


Bring a saw or an axe if you can!



↓ Dinner (click to enlarge)
Smoking cheese


Grilled meat in a skillet


It was winter camping.

I couldn’t use the gas can
because it was too cold…



↓Breakfast (click to enlarge)


Toast is good!
No matter how cheap the bread is,
it’ll always taste better when it’s baked!

I like the texture!



Ikoino ie Hanasaka

The open-air bath is
nice and hot.





Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00
Fee: 510 yen
(Credit cards are not available.)
Indoor bath: 3 baths
Open-air: 1 bath
Sauna: Not available

The bath fee is reasonable.




↓ Menu (click to enlarge)


I had the mixed fry set meal (750 yen)!
(Credit cards are not available.)



↓Mixed fry set meal (click to enlarge)


The ingredients are
oyster, shrimp, and horse mackerel!


It comes with
tartar sauce, Japanese mustard,
and sauce.


Time schedule for this trip

Here’s a record of this trip!
I hope you find it useful! 😊

The time is approximate!



Cost💴(Transportation costs not included)

Campsite: 5,000 yen (including firewood)

Foods: 3300 yen (dinner, lunch)

Bathing fee: 1030 yen (Himawari no yakata, Hanasaka)

Total: 9330 yen


I’d like to save some more money🐥



Day 1

9:00am: Hirai Ohashi IC (Koiwa, Tokyo)

↓ 90 minutes (by car)

10:30am: Himawari no Yakata (Bath)

↓ 20 minutes (by car)

12:00: York Benimaru (shopping)

↓ 30 minutes (by car)

2:00pm: Campsite

11:00pm: Went to sleep

Day 2
7:30am: Woke up.
8:00am: Breakfast 

11:00am: Departure from campsite

↓ 20 minutes (by car)

11:30am: Arrive at Hanasaka (bath and lunch)

1:30pm: Departure from Hanasaka

2:00pm: Tomobe IC (Ibaraki)

↓ 120 minutes (by car)

16:00: Arrive at Ome IC


😖It was a very comfortable trip!😖


Thanks for watching!
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